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Golgappas – Don’t Miss it!

Now, this was something I always wanted to write about. And why not? I have a food section in my blog and this is the favourite of millions of people. So what if people doubt about the hygiene factor? It is still loved by one and all! It is the yummy golgappas! The round balls … Continue reading

Gujarati cuisine

Non vegetarians will be slightly disappointed here since Gujarati cuisine is primarily vegetarian. Buddhist and Jain influence is visible in the food of the Gujaratis. Within the state itself, the cuisine vary a little bit owing to climatic differences. Broadly, cuisine of Gujarat can be divided into those from north and south Gujarat, the Kutch … Continue reading

Indian Food

India is a country where people love food.  Go to any corner of the country and you will find something very different to taste.  Food, in India, is not just meant to fill your  stomach. They are supposed to fill your heart with warmth. That is why guests in this country are lavishly served the … Continue reading


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