Mere Brother ki Dulhan

Well, this one is a movie that is a complete ‘paisa vasool’. Katrina Kaif is a treat to watch and Imran Khan makes quiet a comeback with his good performance. Mere Brother ki Dulhan scores mostly because of its delightful presentation of characters and events that keep you engaged all through the movie. Never ever will you feel the need to get up and go for a short break.

The story is quiet simple – Kush’s (Imran Khan) brother Luv ( Ali Zafar) is heart broken post his break up with his long time girlfriend. He entrusts his younger brother to find him a bride because he thinks he will definitely like a girl that his brothers like. Enters Dimple (Katrina Kaif) – a wild, free and cheerful girl who impresses one and all. Everything is set – parents are quiet happy, venue is decided, guests start arriving and rituals begin…but there is a problem. Kush and Dimple realise that they are in love and hence the planned marriage will have to be stopped at any cost, without hurting anyone, with yet another plan. What follows is a completely delightful sequence of events.

Peppy music add a lot to the liveliness of the movie, specially the ‘Dhunki’  and ‘Madhubala’ number. The pace of the movie is fast and you will definitely enjoy watching it.



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