Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Don’t go for a strong story line because it is just not there. But do go for all the individual scenes that together make this film extremely watchable and entertaining. Allow yourself to flow with the narrative, go on a holiday with all the characters and you are sure to find the movie worth every penny you spent on tickets and popcorns.

Keeping an old promise. three friends decide to take a vacation to Spain when one of them gets engaged. Each one has to decide a destination and an adventure sport that the three will enjoy together in this three week long trip. Little do they know that these sports will help them overcome their fears and problems in life. So while Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) conquers his obsession with work and realises the happiness of being free, Imran jumps from airborne chopper to defeat his fear of height. Kabeer is getting married but is he really ready to do so? He feels too tied down by changes happening around him. However, the bull run brings out his desire and decision to say no to a relationship that is becoming more of a burden than happiness.

The movie is slow in parts, but then the very next moment it picks up again. Performance wise all actors do justice o their respective characters but Farhan Akhtar does impress you more with his witty lines. Music is nice and infact I have started liking a couple of songs after seeing their picturisation. The movie will appeal to the younger generation a lot and I assume quiet a lot of them will now opt for adventure sport during their holidays.

Watch this movie if you still haven’t.


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