Jaipur Trip – Day 2

The next morning we decided to pay a visit to City Palace, Jal Mahal Palace and the Forts.

Our first stop was City Palace. I was put off by the entry road which was dirty. Anyways we took our tickets and entered the premises which was spotlessly clean. Felt good!  Wish the road towards entrance was cleaner and offered a more inviting look but alas that was not the case!

City Palace is not very big and can be covered in around 45 minutes. We saw the two big silver vessels in which pure water from the holy river, Ganges, was carried when Raja Madho Singh payed a visit to London. Owing to his religious beliefs, he could not have drunk water of London.

Further, we moved to the Sabha Niwas inside which photography was not allowed but trust me, it was beautiful! The lavishness was there for us to see. The photographs of Maharajas and a brief about them was given.

There is cafe within City Palace premises where you can have your lunch as we did. Rates are reasonable enough so you can enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Next we moved to visit the fort but heavy rains started enroute. We stopped midways near the lake (I guess it was Man Sagar) to view Jal Mahal. The stretch was a walking area and we could see a number of families and youngsters taking a stroll. The rains had made the weather so pleasant that walking on the stretch was extremely enjoyable. Children were having lots of fun taking elephant and camel ride. There was an ice cream vendor as well.

It appeared to us that rains were going to be heavy so there was no point going to fort, but we could not stop ourselves from taking a ride towards the amber fort. There is a point from where you can see amber fort above and  it was a fascinating view. We knew we will have to make another trip to Jaipur to cover these forts.

We visited Birla Mandir later in the evening and had our dinner at a place known as Dasaprakash. It specializes in south Indian dishes and has won Times Food Guide Award in 2010. We were not aware of this fact but when we opened the menu card, this was the first thing we got to know about the restaurant. Indeed a good way to let your guests know about you! And yes the food was very tasty. I can conveniently say that this was one of the best south Indian dinner I have ever had in my life.

Day 2 of our trip came to end and though we could not visit the fort, it was a day well spent and enjoyed too like the first day. We spent quiet a lot of time driving within the city and hence got a good idea about the Jaipur city itself.

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  1. Dear Harshit!

    We at Dasaprakash are glad to know that you enjoyed our meal.

    Please visit on Facebook


    Dasaprakash Team

    Posted by Dasaprakash Restaurants | February 21, 2012, 10:29 am

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