Agra Trip – Day 2

The second day started on a pretty bad note….we did not get our breakfast as we were late! So we set out for Fatehpur Sikri without having anything. Enroute, though, we bought some snacks to keep ourself going. The journey took us around one hour or so and the roads were good enough. It was an extremely comfortable journey and the pleasant weather added to our delight.

As we reached Fatehpur, we were surprised to see the well maintained status. I always had an idea that the condition of the ruined city was not good but I was pretty happy to see that they were in good shape, actually much better than Agra Fort where everything was very much erased.

We had no guide and we decided not to take one and explore Fatehpur on our own. A local guide was constantly after us for hiring him. He went away only after he was scolded by my father. Though the guy was irritating, I felt that for them the tourists’ season was about to end. There would be very less people coming and their source of earning would end which is why they wanted to make more money till there was time….. but probably they do have other source of earning for the rest of the year.

Anyways coming back to the trip, exploring Fathepur Sikri on our own gave us an opportunity to roam around quiet freely, the way we wanted. We did not necessarily had to follow the the guide and see only the things he showed us. We saw the Diwan-i-Khass, Diwan-i-Aam, Jodha Bai’s Palace, Birbal’s palace, etc,. We further moved to explore the Badshahi Darwaza, Jami Masjid, tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti and Bulund Darwaza.

The trip was absolutely delightful but we were hungry and had to move to our next destination, Sikandra. So, we bid adieu to Fathepur and started our journey back to Agra. On our way back, we stopped at a hotel and had our lunch. It was already three in the noon and we were literally starving.

Sikandra, our next stop was a very calm place There were not many people out there so we had good time exploring it. A number of deer and peacocks were the main and surprise highlight here. We had not expected to see them but they were there and added to the charm of the place.

We were running short of time, so we quickly ended our exploration and came back to our hotel. We were disappointed for not visiting Dayal Bagh and other attractions of Agra but then whatever we explored compensated for it. Perhaps, it gave us a reason to come back again soon.


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