Yamla Pagla Deewana

Sunny Deol married to a foreigner resides in Canada with their two kids and mom. He has been trying to find his father and brother for a long time but has not been successful but one day he gets to know that they are in Varanasi and are continuously fooling people. He lands up in Varanasi to bring them back but then there is a problem to be solved first. His younger brother is in love but the girls’ family wants her to marry an NRI.
The girl has to be won over first before they finally they make their way back to Canada and yes there is brothers’ reunion, mother-son reunion. father-son reunion and husband-wide reunion as well.

The first half of the movie is not as good as the second half which is more entertaining. The brother’s efforts to run away is simply hilarious. And then there are other characters who add up a lot of fun factor to the plot. The Punjabi bhaiyas who do not understand a word of English but want their sister to marry an NRI and even want the groom to give a demo of their speaking English is superb and so are th efforts of the brother to run away with the girl.

The movie is worth watching if you can ignore the loosely edited and not so good first half. Acting wise Booby Deol seems to overact in the first half, Sunny Deol is good and Kulraj Randhawa is beautiful. She has little to do and even more little dialogues to deliver. The other female character in the movie, Polly, gets more of dialogue to say and she is good in all.


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