Do Dooni Chaar

It’s not a brand new movie that I am reviewing. It released around a month or two back (not really sure when…) but just watched it on television yesterday and felt like writing about it. It’s amongst those sweet movies about the middle class families in India who have dreams but find it really difficult to fulfil them due to financial problems.

So, here we have Rishi Kapoor as an adorable teacher who pays attention to silly mistakes and urges his students to focus on methods to solve mathematical questions and not just answers themselves while at the same time balancing the mathematics of his own life. He has a sweet little happy family that comprises his wife, son and daughter. But then, who said happy families do not have their share of problems? And it’s even more when they commit to attend a wedding function of a relative! So much of expenditure in gifts and new clothes…… and yes they need to go in a car as well! Prestige issue after all! But where is the money?

Jugaad is the word here, as Neetu Singh, the wife of our school teacher cleverly manages to convince their neighbour to give his car to them for the function. Seems like the problem is solved, right? Well, not yet, as there are other issues that keep cropping up every now and then till the time our frustrated old hero declares that he will have a car parked outside his house in fifteen days.

But again where is the money? School teachers don’t earn so much and a request for advance is politely but firmly turned down in school and even at the coaching center that he works in. So does he manage to get a car for his family? Does he have to forego his principles to get what he wants?

Do Dooni Chaar is a real treat to watch. Every single scene is well written and executed. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh recreate their on screen magic together with the actors who play their kid. Together they really manage to look like a closely knit family who fight and argue over little things but above all care for each other the most. Though the plot might seem to be a bit serious and old one, it is not so. There is novelty in every scene. Scenes make you smile and laugh throughout. Pace of the film is good and so is the music.

If you haven’t seen the movie as yet, keep a watch. It will definitely be showed again very soon.


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