Guzarish – Review

This one is what you can call a beautiful movie! Watched it today though I had several reservations before going inside the hall – will it be a depressing movie? Would I be able to bear the movie entirely, till the end? Will it be all visuals and art but no story, or rather an interesting story? Well, I was wrong and I am glad I went in to watch this movie as it is out and out entertaining and positive movie. Our central character, Ethan is full of life though he is depended on Sophia, his nurse, for everything. He loves to joke, pass a witty comment every now and then.

But then he is plagued by his illness as well and that also for fourteen years. His condition is not improving and he wants to end his suffering. The people look upto him for the courage he has shown post his accident and they simply cannot digest the fact that their role model wants to die, except for those few who have actually seen him suffer. There is polling on radio, which he looses, a petition in court which again he looses……..so what happens to our hero? Is he doomed to suffer till his end comes naturally or will he take another path? You need to watch the movie as giving out all the details will be spoiling the mood.

Hrithik is a terrific actor and in this movie he is completely superb. His selection of movies is definitely good and he has proved with this movie that he can give hits outside his home banner as well. Aishwarya Rai has also done a good job and so have other actors as Omar, Devyani, doctor (I forgot the name).

Sanjay Leela Bhnasali has made a good movie that despite its serious theme doesn’t make you feel depressed. There is life in every frame. The settings, though make you feel whether they are actually from Goa. They are closer to western settings. Even the dressup of Aishwarya Roy will make you feel so. Nonetheless, this is something you can easily ignore because even they look absolutely stunning. The music is great and I am sure, people will like it.

All and all, the movie is a good watch. Go and see it.


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