Once Upon a Time in Mumbai – Review

So, our run of watching bad movies finally stopped! And all thanks to the team that made ‘Once upon a Time in Mumbai’. We had heard good reviews about the movie but were still apprehensive. We could have made a hatrick of watching bad movies, but were saved by this extremely entertaining movie.

The movie is supposedly based on Haji Mastan’s (Sultan mirza) and Dawood Ibrahim’s?(Shoaib Khan) life played by Ajay Devgan and Emran Hashmi respectively. The former, though being in the wrong business, really intended to keep Mumbai clean of drugs and killings. The latter, however, was never in a mood to limit himself. No bars and restrictions for him. So when Sultan has to temporarily take a backseat owing to the illness of his girlfriend Rehana (Kangana) and he entrusts Shoaib with all his responsibilities, there is no stopping him. Even, Mumtaz(Prachi), his girlfriend fails to inspire him to take a right path. Things take an ugly turn when Sultan gets to know of Shoaib’s deeds and is hell bent on stopping him. The movie finally ends with killing of Sultan Mirza and an indication that Shoaib, though not in India, still rules Mumbai.

This is in direct reference to Dawood Ibrahim who despite being away from India is known to conduct his activities smoothly in Mumbai. The movie also has Randeep Hoods playing ACP Agnel who wants to arrest Mirza and tries to use Shoaib for the purpose (as he is the son of an inspector). Predictably, he fails miserably.

I do not know much about the life of Haji Mastan so there is no way to say whether this movie is close to reality or not. But if it is, then this movie could have been aptly name. ‘The Making of Dawood Ibrahim’ as it is this that we see. The negligence of police and a mistake from underworld don made Dawood Ibrahim what he is today.

Performance wise, all lead characters deliver upto the mark. The narration is fast enough to keep you engaged throughout. Not for a moment will you feel bored.

My recommendation for all those who have not seen the movie is go for it and enjoy. It’s worth watching.


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