Rishikesh Trip – 2

The day before was fun and we were looking for more today. We got up early and got ready quickly. We had plenty of time to roam around, click a lot of pics, joke around and have our breakfast properly (something which we could not do the day before).

We were eager to start our rafting trip but it seemed a distant dream. Everyone was relaxed. Finally, we were gathered and asked to wear our jackets and helmets. They were in red, blue and yellow colour. We quickly picked up one each & wore it. There was yet another chance to click a lot of pictures, but just after a couple of minutes we started to feel the weight and heat because of the jackets.

The trainer soon came to rescue and summoned us near a raft. He explained us the raft (its various parts), how we were supposed to seat ourselves in it, the various commands that were to be followed during rafting. After a theoritical explanation, he took us in the water to give a practical demonstration. Our trainer/guide was smiling person with a very soft voice. He probably was from north east India. He kept on encouraging us to get into the water. We were a bit apprehensive since this was our first time. He said that getting into the water will help us ward off our fear and enjoy the trip more. It did not take him much time to convince us. Actually, we also wanted to get into the water since that was how were going to enjoy ourselves.

Soon our team set down for real rafting. We were all excited and followed the command given by our guide, however, a number of times, the poor guy had to repeat his commands twice or thrice for us to hear. The noise of the rapids clubbed with our screamings left little scope for the soft voice of the guide to be heard. He, still, was cheerful and joined in our merriment.

There were around three to four rapids which we were supposed to cross. The water lashed into our faces and drenched us completely. We went up and down on the rapids trying our best to keep our raft in the right direction, but it always seemed to go in the wrong… towards the side where there were hills. It seemed that we were destined to hit one of the those, but our guide was there to bail us out. He effectively took control whenever we failed to get the raft in right direction.

In between, he stopped the raft at a place where the water was calm and aksed us to get down into the water. We got down into the chilling water and enjoyed ourselves. Since the water was cold we couldn’t stay there for long. We came back up and after a while went down into the water again. It was huge fun.

We also stopped at a place where people were jumping from a huge rock. The jump was something not recommended by our guide since there were few accidents that occured here in past. We followed his advice and stayed back in our raft to watch others jump from the rock.

After restarting our journey, it was only a little distance that we had to cover to reach our final point. The entire stretch was of 16 kms. It seemed too less and we wanted more. Unfortunately, we could not go any further and had to get down there.

We happily bid goodbye to our guide and walked upward towards the road where our bus, with all luggage, was stationed. There was a small makeshift changing room that was set up on the road itself. We quickly changed into our dry clothes and took our seat in the bus.

The bus moved back for our home. We were all tired but also wanted to enjoy so throughout the journey different games were played. In between, the bus stopped at a couple of places so that we could freshen up and have our lunch and tea.

The trip was extremely good and we had all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Happy and content we returned to our home.


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