Trip to Rishikesh – Part 1

In one of my previous post, where I listed out few places that I want to visit, was a reference to Rishikesh. The natural beauty of Rishikesh and the fact that I could enjoy rafting there always made it one of the desired destinations where I wanted to go for a vacation.

So, recently when I got an opportunity to go to Rishikesh, I grabbed the chance without even a thought. Our trip was to be for two days and we were a team of around 30-35 people. We left at night, at around 11.30 pm and reached Shivpuri, Rishikesh by 8 am next morning. We could have made it a little shorter but for the numerous breaks that happened in between. We were to stay in the Indo Ganga Holidays nature Camp. The views around were just beautiful and made us feel extremely happy. The camps were all put up on one side facing the river with the mountains surrounding.

We had little time to admire the beauty around as we were late and had to really rush to get ready to go for trekking. We just kept our bags in the tents we were allotted and quickly got ready for our expedition. Trekking in Neer waterfall park was a good amount of effort since we never really knew that we needed to trek for so long. A number of people in our group were so tired that they wanted to come back to the starting point after some time. But very soon, the excitement to reach the top subdued the fatigue and on we went to our final point.

And to boost us up was the sound of the waterfall that we heard from distance. We knew it was somewhere near, but couldn’t make out where. After some more trekking, we finally saw the waterfall, not huge, just a small one, but it was sufficient to make the people in our team go wild with happiness. They literally jumped into the water, stood below the fall and shouted when the chilling water fell on their head. Suddenly, it seemed that nobody was ever exhausted! Even, dipping feet into the water (which is what I did) was so refreshing!.

Once, out of water, we proceeded towards our target, the top of the hill that we were climbing. Just before the top, we reached a place where people seemed even more enthusiastic playing with water. It was a swimming pool fed by a waterfall. A lot of people were in the water enjoying the swim whereas a lot like me were outside enjoying watching others screaming with excitement.

We did not go any further in this trekking trip and returned from there. The journey back seemed so simple that we were surprised that we took so long to trek upwards! But I guess, this is how it is, upwards journey is always more difficult and time taking.

When we returned to our camp, we were greeted by fallen tents, our home for two days. And all this courtesy a wind storm that came just before we landed at our camp. Even our food was delayed because of it. We had to wait for a while before the storm stopped completely and we could rest in our camps. It was hot, unbearably hot….

Few people still had the excitement level running high, so they decided to continue their activities going. They went in for a bit of rock climbing while the others rested.

The evening came with a pleasant respite when the weather became more friendly. The cool breezes seemed so gentle and the views around were beautiful! To add to the charm was the fact that there was no electricity, only lanterns to light the area around. The evening glowed with the lights emanating from the lanterns outside every camp. People sat around an area where there was supposed to be a bonfire (which never actually happened) and played various games. It was complete fun!

After so much of work, we decided to call off the day and went off to sleep, nonetheless with extremely sweet dreams of the day that just passed by and the morning that was to introduce us to rafting.


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