Cuisine of India

Gujarati cuisine

Non vegetarians will be slightly disappointed here since Gujarati cuisine is primarily vegetarian. Buddhist and Jain influence is visible in the food of the Gujaratis. Within the state itself, the cuisine vary a little bit owing to climatic differences. Broadly, cuisine of Gujarat can be divided into those from north and south Gujarat, the Kutch and the Kathiawad region.Dhoklas

Traditional Thali is more famous in north Gujarat and comprises rice, dal curry, vegetables, sprouted beans, farsan pickles, chutney and raita. Farsan are snacks and include fafdas, bhujias, bhajias, ghantias, dhoklas, samosas, khachoris, kahman, khandavi. Each of these is a lip smacking item and Gujaratis just love savouring them.
Debras are favourite in Kathiawad region. It is made with wheat flour, spinach, green chillies, yoghurt, salt and sugar. Debras are eaten with Chhundo, a type of mango pickle which is yet another specialty of this regions. Infact, this region of Gujarat is famous for a variety of pickles.

Khichdi together with Kadhi is savoured in the Kutch region while in the South Gujarat region Undhyoo and Paunk, both vegetable concoction are eaten with delight


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