Places I would Like to Visit

There are quiet a number of them actually, but here I will try to list the most desired; the ones that come first to my mind whenever I think of places I would like to visit.

Ladakh– Undoubtedly one of the top most places I want to explore. The landscape is the prime attraction, not to forget the monasteries that are perched precariously on steep slopes.  The photographs of Ladakh are forever fascinating, be it of towering mountains or colourful people.

Munnar– This one word brings to my mind a land full of greenery and beauty. Though I can actually keep the whole of Kerala in my list but Munnar, somehow, seems to attract me more than other places in the state. Tea, coffee and spice plantations together with stunning waterfalls, I think, can have a magical affect on any tired soul.

Andamans– Another place that, as per me , will have loads of natural beauty and peace – a combination that makes a vacation wonderful. Infact, there is a certain amount of mystery attached with the place….there is so little that I know about it.  Any popular place in India, for example Goa, has so many visitors from our circle that it seems that we have already seen the place without even visiting it! There first hand experience simply tell us all about the place.  Not so with Anadamans though, I can safely say that no one around me has ever visited the place. Almost everything in the island will attract me beyond words.

Lakshadweep Islands– All I said above for the Andamans apply for Lakshadweep islands too.

Amritsar Golden Temple – The beauty of the temple is not the only factor. A sense of spirituality seeps in whenever I think about this holy temple.  The faith that people have in their hearts while visiting such places of religious significance is simply indescribable. The atmosphere of the temple clubbed with its golden beauty will make a visit worth very effort.

Rishikesh – For no other reason but to simply enjoy the thrills of rafting in the Ganges.

These were the topmost places that I would like to visit, but there are many more. I will try cover them in my later posts.


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