Ghajini Review

The first fifteen minutes of the movie had such a negative impact that I had almost decided to leave the hall. I just could not bear the scenes at all. However, that was it…….the rest of the movie was completely entertaining.


Both Aamir and Asin rock. They look good together and the acting is awesome. Aamir is quiet expectedly good but the real surprise is Asin. She is just too good.


The storyline is not new… it’s a simple revenge story. The high point of the movie is Aamir-Asin’s love story (it’s really fresh) and Aamir’s way of taking revenge. Suffering from short term memory loss, he has notes written everywhere in his flat. He uses his body to remind himself of the revenge to be taken. He clicks photographs of people and places and makes notes on them to remember.  


The action scenes are typically south Indian style – completely unbelievable! Music is good, specially the song – kaise tum mujhe mil gaye. It is a soulful song sung beautifully and picturised equally nicely.


Certain loopholes are there…like it is really difficult to believe that Asin’s character doesn’t know what Sanjay Singhania looks like given the fact that he is such a big personality. Even the magazine that interviews her…Mayapuri……..doesn’t publish a single photograph with the article! Surprise! Also, the last part of the story is narrated through a lady constable and young girl who are only partly involved in the story. How they describe the elaborate details of the muder is a mystery. 


Anyways these can be ignored. Ghajini is definitely watchable if you can bear a bit of negativity in the beginning. Also, I wish Aamir Khan had bit more dialogues. He speaks really less in the movie. All in all, one of the good movies of Aamir Khan but not the best.


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3 thoughts on “Ghajini Review

  1. the film is highly intolerable. Misdirections of film can even beat Jaspal Bhatti’s flop show. It is more like a typical Mithun’s movie but i would say it has less charm than Mithunda flicks…

    The best part of it of course the title. The first Hindi film I know that named after a villain. I wish Aamir Khan wasted little energy to read the script rather than making such small framed grotesque figure.

    Posted by shubhajit | February 3, 2009, 7:53 am
  2. haha, yes Shubhajit, I know that the film got really intolerable at time, specially in the beginning. Actually, the film looked very old then. I really did not know whether I was watching a new movie or an old movie with equally old print. I haven’t seen much of Mithun’s movie to compare this one with his, but I really felt that the action scenes were sometimes hilarious….ekdum south india movie style or should I say Rajnikant style (not that I have seen his movies)… over the board.

    But I would still say that the movie is definitely worth a watch once. Avoidable portions are the beginning and the end.

    Posted by harshitaindia | February 21, 2009, 3:57 am
  3. I liked it… almost cried when Kalpana is killed and when he imagines her.. in the ending.. 😦

    Posted by Mikhail Cazi | December 11, 2009, 12:37 pm

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