Fashion – Review

Watched Fashion a couple of days back. It’s a good movie which explores the journey of a small town girl who aspires to become a supermodel.The movie lay bares the ruthless world of fashion industry where behind glamour, there is frustration and manipulation.

The movie traces the rise, fall and a second rise of Meghna Mathur who comes to Mumbai against her father’s wishes. After a bit of initial struggle, she finally manages to become the “show stopper” of a fashion show and then there is no looking back for her. Fame and money make her a different person as arrogance creeps in her nature. She fails to recognise her real well wishers and lands up with people who have their own selfish motives to promote her. Downfall comes soon and Meghna finds it difficult to accept and handle. She touches the nadir of downfall and decides to give up everything. However, an inspiring effort from her family and friends help her make a comeback and regain her position as a supermodel. Priyanka Chopra in the lead character of Meghna Mathur does full justice to her role. From the innocence of a small town girl to “I don’t care” attitude of an immensely successful model to a depressed failed soul – Priyanka portrays all the shades of her character with conviction.

Running parallel to the Meghna’s story are two other stories – one of a supermodel and one of a struggling model. Kangana Ranaut and Mugdha Godse effectively portray the two roles respectively. Kangana specially impresses with her super model role. The attitude of a supermodel on the ramp is sharply cotrasted with her tragic life as a drug addict.

Fashion is a typically a Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie. In many ways, it will remind you of his earlier movie Page 3. The title track sung by Sukhwinder Singh is really impressive.

Fashion is definitely a watchable movie. Go and enjoy it.


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