Yummy Mangoes!

The king of fruits and also the National fruit of India, Mangoe or Aam, as it is called in Hindi, is a hot favourite with all of us. Every year we eagerly await the arrival of the mango season. It is the time when the markets are filled with mangoes and no matter whichever direction we look in the market, all we get to see are carts and fruits stalls loaded with mangoes. Green, yellow and sometimes a mix of both, these mangoes are anyways tempting.

My own favourite variety is Malda – pulpy, juicy and deliciously sweet. They are just perfect for me and I must say that out of so many varieties of mangoes that I have tried, it’s just Malda that has a magical taste. The aroma and taste of this variety is heavenly, intoxicating and unforgettable. I can assuredly say that once you have it, you will always want to have it again and again. It’s that wonderful!

And while I talk on mangoes, I just cannot miss out the stories of my father and grandfather of how they, during their childhood, sat in the mangoe garden itself and waited for fruit to fall from the tree. They would simply sit in the garden and gorge on the mangoes one by one from the bucket full of the fruit. For me and I am sure many of you all, it is now almost a combo pack, eat mangoes and listen to stories.

If anyone of you are wondering what made me write an article on mangoes, then it’s simple. The mango season just went by and I am badly missing my favourite fruit! And also just wanted to tell all those coming to India – don’t miss mangoes on your trip.


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